You are safe because
Al Tahadi Cares

Al Tahadi Security & Safety Equip. Tr. was established in United Arab Emirates in 2008. 

Al Tahadi is an innovative and dynamic rapidly growing company specializes in Fire pump ,Fire Alarm and Fire fighting System. We are an approved company by All U.A.E. Civil defense, other Government Departments and leading Consultants in United Arab Emirates. Al Tahadi has established an operational base in Sharjah to give service at the entire U.A.E.

The company’s major strengths originate from building positive relations between its customers/ suppliers and its staff members. The company is operating with credibility, punctuality and professionalism to meet high standards of service and performance on a real win- win basis.

Al Tahadi is an exclusive distributor and dealer for the vast and full range of Fire Equipments

We also undertake the following services which mostly comes as package deal:

Design, Supply & Installation of Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm Syste

Testing & Commssioning of Fire Protection Systems

Engineering work and submittal preparation

Maintenance of any Fire Protection & Fire Detection System.

Hazard Analysis & System Design as per NFPA and/ or specific requirements.

Computer generated hydraulic calculation


To achieve the highest level of recognition and excel high commitment to “Quality and Ultimate Customer Satisfaction”


To provide quality products & professional services to our customers through years of experience gained in management and related services. We strive to be “Trusted & Reliable Fire Fighting Suppliers & Service Provider”.

Our Strenght

- Fast delivery and execution of the job.

-  Ability to meet our clients expectations on win- win basis.

- Vast experience in our business field.

- Diversified range of services to meet the needs of our target market & client.

- Strong, dedicated and professional staff to take care of our customers.

- Accepting challenges as a motive for innovative solutions.

- Performing on the basis of considering customers problems exactly as our problems.

Our Philosophy

- To approach our responsibility with ambition and resourcefulness.

- To organize ourselves for a transparent and harmonious workflow.

- To respect sound theory and encourage creative trials.

- To provide competitive pricing with service, meeting customers’ satisfactions.

- To make our workplace a source of pride.

Our Values & Guiding principles

Every human must be guided, shaped and supported by basic underlying values. These values should be the foundation for every decision and action we take.

At Al Tahadi family, our belief is that everyone should have the freedom and ability to make independent decisions about how to treat customers, their fellow workers, vendors and our community. They also define the characteristics of the individuals who will both satisfied and successful being part of our company. Our value includes the following:

- Customer satisfaction is at the top of our priorities.

- Respect for people and believes.

- Respect of local and international regulations.

-  Continuous learning and improvement.

- Dedicated and hard work ethics.

- Empowerment of our people.

- Teamwork.

- Personal accountability.

- Integrity of work flow and ability.